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Contributor Rewards

Give out locked tokens to your project's biggest contributors.

1. What token do you want to lock and distribute?

2. Add recipient(s)

Choose who gets them, how much they get, and when the tokens unlock

What are Contributor Rewards?

Contributor Rewards allow DAOs and tokenized communities to distribute locked tokens to their core contributors. Recipients get a unique NFT representing their ownership of the locked tokens. These NFTs can retain token voting rights, give access to gated communities, and power a host of other benefits.

Using Gnosis Safe?

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Supported networks
arbitrum logo avalanche logo bnbchain logo boba logo celo logo ethereum logo fantom logo gnosis logo harmony logo optimism logo polygon logo okex logo
What your recipients get

Each of your recipients will get their own NFT, similar to the one displayed here. The artwork defaults to a Hedgey, but custom art and logos are possible for select projects.

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example hedgey artwork
This NFT unlocks
12345 XYZ
Tokens unlock
Jun 3, 2023, 12:00 PM
Dec 3, 2022